Digital Engagement Platform & Enterprise Manager

Version 5.19.11 - June, 2023

:arrow-right: OpenAI ChatGPT Integration

Build interactive virtual assistants that can carry out conversations in a natural and engaging manner based on your business requirements through SMS or WhatsApp.

:arrow-right: Custom Webhooks

This integration allows you to connect with your own backend or any other service that supports webhooks.

:arrow-right: Transfer to external agents from chatbot

Redirect your conversations from automed chatbot responses to personalized assistance provided by external agents.

:arrow-right: New WhatsApp templates categories

We have made improvements related to the updated categories for WhatsApp business-initiated messages: Authentication, Marketing and Utility.

:construction: Improvements:

  • Chatbot Campaign Overview and Reports
  • E-Swipe and Geofence Campaign Overview and Summary
  • The Export Report option in the Messaging Dashboard allows you to view all logs. An estimated time for receiving the report will be provided.
  • Adding new default opt-out keywords in Spanish.
  • The chatbot webhook option has been updated to capture previously requested user data and send it to the webhook.

:calendar: What’s coming your way!

  • Integration with IBM Watson Assistant
  • Click Through Metrics and Reports
  • Delivery Rate Graphs
  • Adding from CSV to Blacklist.
  • Email verification and more!

Version 4.1.0 - November, 2022

:arrow-right: Enhanced WhatsApp Templates

Create templates that include headers, media, quick replies and call to action buttons. Now the creation and approval of WhatsApp templates is automatic and sent to be approved directly.

:arrow-right: Multimedia Support Chatbot

Now with our direct integration with WhatsApp, you'll be able to add attachments, captions, images and more to your chatbot.

:arrow-right: E-swipe Preview

We have improved the display of the eswipe template when configuring the campaign.

:calendar: What’s coming your way!

  • Bright Pattern Integration
  • Campaign Overview Improvements
  • Simplified Login Portal

Version 3.11.0 - June, 2022

:arrow-right: Chatbot

Everyone agrees that chatbots are a great tool to reduce customer service costs, improve response times with 24/7 service, increase engagement, all of this and more, while providing cost savings, insights into consumer behavior and data, lead generation, not only within your immediate surroundings, but breaching borders into global markets. Chatbots allow businesses to provide exceptional customer service in various languages year-round, giving brands the capability to expand their operations into unexplored areas.

The Chatbot Service is a tool to get you started in all these areas. Its current implementation is a menu-based decision tree hierarchical scheme presented to the user to make selections to dig deeper towards the answer that is being sought.


:arrow-right: Web Polls & Surveys

Gathering data about human behavior, preferences and activities is part of the core of marketing research that combines perspectives of multiple areas: anthropology, economics, sociology, technology, and culture. The goal of a market survey or any type of survey, is to collect data surrounding an intended subject such as to uncover trends, expectations, perceptions, behaviors.

Web Polls and Surveys is one of the tools offered by the platform that will allow you to expand your knowledge of your business environment by actively pursuing information from your current and potential customers in a continuum.


:arrow-right: Improved Link Tracker

Now you can send unique links to customers, we improved link tracking feature so you now can have more details on whom open your links.


:calendar: What’s coming your way!

  • Winner Table
  • Hubspot Integration
  • WhatsApp Consent Management
  • Enhanced WhatsApp Templates

Version 3.10.2 - March, 2022

:arrow-right: Messaging Dashboard improvements

We have updated the Messaging Dashboard with our newest channel additions, RCS and WhatsApp, while maintaining our SMS, Email, and Push channels. You'll be able to see their metrics breakdowns for inbound/outbound messages, sort the data if you want and also track your traffic with our KPIs:Total Inbound, Total Outbound, and Total Messages.


We’re already working on adjusting the Dashboard for Enterprise Manager.

:arrow-right: WhatsApp for Interactive Campaigns updates

We added WhatsApp to E-swipe, Web Trivia, and Raffle Giveaway campaigns as an engagement channel. Now you’ll be able to use those campaigns and share them through your WhatsApp Business Account.


If you haven’t added a sender for WhatsApp you’ll see a validation message that will assist you to request the channel.


We remind you that we’re still working on templates and messages that require validation from our service provider. Currently, they accept messages in English. If another language is needed, then we have to specify it. During our next releases, you'll be able to select the language, create messages with media, and more.

:arrow-right: Message and Interactive Campaign Card update

We gave a lift up to the Performance Report campaign creation sections. The style is the same for Messaging and Interactive campaigns. The Campaign Card selection now allows to quickly spot which channels are available for each Campaign Type.


:arrow-right: Subscriber section update

We’ve expanded the search tool to include the source and campaign name fields. This will allow you to search by any of those fields, filter, and extract a CSV file to reengage clients. There’s also the addition of a date filter that you can use with any date data type field such as member since, last update or your own date data type defined field to allow to pinpoint subscribers for specific dates.


:arrow-right: iBeacons

Now you’ll be able to configure up to ten (10) iBeacons to be used in Digital Coupon and Member Card campaigns to send push messages to clients related to your offerings. (iOS Only)


:arrow-right: Wallet & Credentials updates

Also updated the Wallet certificate requirement to upload the new Google Pay file in .json format.


:arrow-right: Other improvements

We worked on the blacklist, RCS, Trivia processes, expired campaign triggers, and other items related to the maintenance of the microservices.

:calendar: What’s coming your way!

  • Permissions: view and edit restrictions for Enterprise Manager

  • WhatsApp Templates and Messaging

  • Web Polls and Surveys

  • Raffle improvements: new prize logic, and assistive images

  • Chatbot

  • Link Tracker improvement

  • Custom URLs

  • Enterprise Manager Dashboard for system usage

Version 3.10.1 - February, 2022

:arrow-right: Navigation Bar

We’ve improved the New Campaign button with a more intuitive dialog, also a standardized view in which you’ll be able to select between Messaging or Interactive Campaigns. Just type in the Campaign’s title, click on the type, and you’re set to go.

We’ve improved your Messaging and Interactive Campaign’s report view. You may find the Messaging Report and the Interactive Campaign Report on the Performance Reports option. Here you’ll be able to filter by date, type, and status. Also, you can create a campaign using the New Message and New Campaigns buttons, that will redirect you to the Campaign Card Selector.

:arrow-right: Subscribers

We’ve improved the Subscribers management with a cleaner view and selection for Segments and Filters. You will also be able to select any filters or segments that you’ve created.

:arrow-right: Sender's operation timer

Here you’ll be able to manage the messaging restrictions in case you need to schedule work hours. This allows you to select days, times, and timezones.

:notebook-with-decorative-cover: Fixed Bugs

  • We fixed the re-engage participants segment creation. You should be able to select a specific section from a campaign participation list and use those recipients in another campaign.

  • We fixed the use of repeated keywords across campaigns. Remember that you can’t configure the same keyword in two different campaigns using the same sender number. If by any chance you configure a keyword twice with the same sender number, you’ll get an error message to assist you in correcting it.

  • We fixed the heatmap in the e-swipe campaign report. You’ll see the events marked in your map correctly.

  • The SMS Consent Management responses are saved correctly.

  • We’re experiencing messaging delays for WhatsApp, but this is because of the external service provider. This will be a known issue for now, but we promise we’ll keep an eye on it.

  • We fixed the message preview for WhatsApp in the messaging log, you’ll be able to see it now.

Version 3.10.0 - January, 2022

:arrow-right: WhatsApp

Achieve higher conversion rates, better customer experience, and higher customer satisfaction. Now, you’ll be able to send messages and interactive campaigns through your own branded Whatsapp Business Account (WABA).

:arrow-right: RCS

RCS, the evolution of SMS technology includes advantages such as multiple media formats, verified and personalized profiles.

:arrow-right: API Automatic triggers

This will allow a user to set parameters and values that will act as rules to trigger a specific action (message or campaign) in the Digital Engagement Platform.

:notebook-with-decorative-cover: Fixed Bugs

  • Subscribers list (csv) upload during a broadcast

  • E-swipe blank template creation

  • We modified ‘interactive events’ in the report tab header

  • ‘Croatia’ is now listed in the country picker

  • Date field dd/mm/yyyy during a digital coupon configuration shows incorrect date format

  • Sender Address Management pagination

  • Field matching for a form’s custom field