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Getting Started

Welcome to Digital Engagement Platform! This user guide will be the one-stop-shop for all your questions -- be it creating and sending messages and campaigns, personalizing messages and campaigns with specific data to each individual member of your audience, how to integrate your apps with the Mobile SDKs and APIs or simply adding users. Explore the different facets of Broadcasts and the finest ways of marketing campaigns!

Learn messaging basics, then get into the details about creating and sending messages. Plus feature information and managing your project, profile, and team.

First, read Messaging basics to learn key terms, what messages and campaigns you can send, and how you can send them. Then learn the Web Interface.

The Digital Engagement Platform functionalities consists of the following:

  • Sending Messages : Create and send messages to each delivery channel. The platform provides tools and features you can use for your project and messages to configure optional features for content and delivery timing.

  • Subscribers : Enables you to create new Subscribers (personalised group of users), or add Subscribers to an existing Subscriber List and bring in marketing customer data, create filters, and then design audiences based on those filters.

  • Interactive Campaigns : Enables you to design, run, and analyze direct marketing campaigns. To conduct a marketing campaign, you start by defining offers for target audiences. Then define the campaign content, which provides a visual representation of the campaign logic. Part of personalizing campaign content involves associating offers with target audiences.

  • Data & Analytics : Reporting information about your messages, campaigns and project activity in Real-Time Data Streaming and Performance Analytics.
    Platform Preferences : Consult this section to manage your project and set the platform’s main core configurations.

  • Account Configuration : Configure your account Settings and security profile.
    Support Widget: If you need help, please contact our friendly support team and request the required assistance.

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Getting Started

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