Managing WhatsApp Profiles

Once you have requested the Facebook Business Manager ID from the support team, and the approval of the account is successful, you will be prompted to create a ‘profile’. A WhatsApp Business profile is a WhatsApp for business feature that enables you to create a front-facing, formal brand presence on the messaging platform. Similar to a Facebook page, a WhatsApp Business profile lets you include crucial information about your brand.

Your business profile allows adding information about your company, including business name, address, category, description, email, and website. People can easily see this information when they look at your profile.

For Android, to view your business profile, open the WhatsApp Business app. Then, tap More options > Business tools > Business Profile.

For iOS, to view your business profile, open the WhatsApp Business app. Then, tap Settings > Business Tools > Business Profile.

Set up WhatsApp Business Profile

The steps to edit the profile for your WhatsApp business are:

  1. Select the Channel Management tab from the Preferences section.

  2. From the Enabled channels section, locate the WhatsApp sender type and click on the Edit icon.

  3. Click on the Number Profile.

  1. From the Number Profile tab add the following information to set up your WhatsApp business profile:

    4.1 To edit the Sender number or Display Name contact our support team.

    4.2 Cover photo. The profile picture is the first thing that a consumer sees on the messaging platform – similar to that of your friends. That’s why it is important to add one that is professional, clear, and relevant to your business.

    4.3 Add the Category of your business. The category field in your WhatsApp Business profile lets you define or state the industry your business is in. The WhatsApp Business App comes with a list of industry options to choose from – we recommend choosing one that is relevant to your offerings.

    4.4 Add the Business Description. It summarizes what your business is about. This section of your profile needs to be crisp and clear, including just the right amount of information about your brand. A business description is meant to let your customers know who you are, what you offer, and what they can expect from you in no more than a few sentences.

    4.5 Add the About information. Enter the display status of your profile account. The status will be located under the Sender Number and Display Name. You can add emojis to your status. For example: Available :grinning:.

    4.6 Add the Contact Information. This section of your WhatsApp Business profile is meant to include your contact details. Apart from your business account phone number, this section includes fields for your business location (address), email address, and website. We recommend adding these details as well in case a consumer chooses to interact with your website directly or over email instead.

    4.7 Once all the steps are completed, click Save.