Mentions & Internal Notes

Often a message may require the attention of another agent, either because they are better suited to respond or because you seek their input before replying. You have the option to include internal notes and @mentions to direct relevant team members to the conversation from the message composer.

Every mention you receive in a conversation will be displayed in your inbox under the Mentions section.

Prior to notifying anyone within the conversation, let's delve into Internal Notes. These notes can be used to summarize the conversation before assigning to an agent or team, or mentioning it to another agent, asking for advice, or sharing ideas and feedback.

To create an internal note and @mention agents about a conversation, follow these simple steps:

  1. From the message composer, click to switch from the Reply mode to Note option.

  2. To notify an agent, type @ and search their name from the list. They will be notified in their Mentions inbox.

  3. Click on the Send button. Every note and @mention you type, will be visually distinguished by a yellow color.