Subscribers Reports

The Subscribers tab Dashboard shows how many subscribers have been added to the platform Subscribers List over the period specified by the Show Date Range Filter.


Is divided into three sections:
• KPIs
• Subscriber Gains per Date
• Per Channel and Status distribution of Subscribers


There are two subscriber KPIs:


• New Subscribers: shows how many new subscribers have been added over the period specified in the Show date range filter.

• Total Main List Subscribers: shows the overall number of subscribers currently on the platform’s Subscribers list. It is a real-time running total of the subscribers and it cannot be filtered.

Gains per Date

The subscriber gains per date are shown in the Total Unique Subscribers Growth graph, where you can view the number of subscribers gained per date over the specified period.


Subscribers Per Channel Log

The distribution of subscribers per channel is tabulated in the Subscribers per Channel Log, broken down by Channel, SMS, or Email, and by standing: Main list and Blacklist subscribers. The table data cannot be filtered as it represents Subscriber running totals.


It is essential to realize that a subscriber will always be part of the Main list whether he is blacklisted or not, as the condition of being blacklisted may be temporary, and reinstatement of the subscriber can happen at any time. Consequently, blacklisted subscribers are treated as not eligible for message delivery, but they are not excluded from the Main list.

Also, subscribers can be present in either SMS, Email, or both, but they still only contribute as one subscriber in the overall count.