Inbound Loop Prevention

Inbound loop prevention refers to measures taken to prevent receiving multiple - identical messages by end users to a web application or platform in a continuous loop understanding that these applications or platforms could potentially reply to these messages. It involves strategies to prevent the repetitive responses by incoming messages.

To prevent this, we applied filters and rules to identify and block messages that could lead to loops. For this, it was implemented limits on responses from a single mobile number within a period of time defined. For example, SMS loop prevention prevents outbound message deployment to a mobile number if more than 45 messages are received from a single number within a 1 minute time frame. Additionally, once the loop prevention feature is activated, the Space administrator will receive an email notification regarding the phone number (end user) sending repetitive messages over a certain period. The admin can take appropriate actions, such as removing the mobile number from their subscription lists or adding it to the blacklist.

By detecting and mitigating potential loops in incoming traffic, these measures help maintain system stability and prevent unintended consequences such as excessive messaging or resource consumption.

Loop prevention will be triggered across the designated channels if the total number of responses exceeds a set limit within a specified time frame.

ChannelTotal MO MessagesTime Frame (minutes)