Teams are great for facilitating collaboration among agents within the platform. Instead of assigning conversations to a specific agent, you have the option to assign them to a team. Each team has its own space, allowing admins to manage, monitor and oversee conversations assigned to the group.

Creating a Team

To set up a team navigate to the Preferences section, then select the GENERAL dropdown menu, and click on the Teams section.

Click the + New team button, and the next page will be displayed, enabling you to set up and assign agents to a team.

Follow the steps below to set up a new team:

  1. Type the name of the new team.

  2. Select the desired method for assigning new conversations:

    Manual: Conversations will not be assigned automatically. Instead, agents will manually assign conversations among themselves or to other team members.

    Balanced: conversations are automatically assigned to agents currently handling the fewest active conversations.

  3. Add the agents you want to join the team.

    By clicking on the box, you can view each agent. Choose the agents you want and click the Add button. The agents added to the team will be automatically shown below the box.

    If you want to remove an agent from the team, click the Trash icon next to the agent.

  4. Upload the logo of the team.

  5. Once you’ve set your office hours, let customers know how quickly they can expect a response from your team during office hours by clicking the checkbox.

  6. Click on the Save button to create the team.

Each team that is created will be listed in the main section. Here, you can modify each field configured of the team that was created previously by clicking on the Edit button next to the chosen team. Or delete a team by clicking on the Trash icon.

If you want to delete a team, the following dialog will be displayed confirming that the team chosen will be deleted by selecting the Delete button.