E-swipe campaigns allow you to set up digital magazines, flyers, booklets, catalogs, instruction sets, how-to-guides, infographics, take-out, and delivery menus, or any other content arranged as a succession of images or a video to deliver to your customers or engage an untapped audience.

After you have selected New Campaign, entered the Campaign Name, and selected E-swipe from the campaign options, you are brought to the E-swipe campaign creation section, which has the following steps,

  1. Delivery
  2. Design
  3. Message
  4. Summary


You define the Delivery Channel and the campaign Recipients in the Delivery step.

Currently, three delivery channels are available for E-swipe campaign:

For more information on selecting the desired delivery channel, go to the Delivery section.

For information on selecting the desired Recipients, go to Define Recipients in the Campaign Elements section.


The ‘Design’ step is where you configure the swipe content. You have two options for setting up the campaign:

• Use a template you have already created, or
• Set the swipe content by images or videos step by step.


Template method

The template method makes it easier to configure your campaign, as it only requires two steps to review and modify the configuration.

Immediately above the emulated phone screen, you will find Open Template Gallery,

  1. Select Open Template Gallery.
    A popup window will open with templates previously created on the platform.
  1. Select the template for your campaign followed by Confirm.

All of the template's information, including the images, will be set up in the different areas of the design section. Review it thoroughly and modify it as needed.

You will get the following notification if you haven't previously saved templates.


Step by Step configuration

The step-by-step configuration is similar to the effort involved in building a template. The steps are,

  1. In the E-swipe Configuration section, enter the E-swipe Name. The name will appear at the bottom of the swipe content of the campaign and is different from the campaign name,
  1. Select the E-swipe Type dropdown. It will display two swipe type options:
  • Image : This option uses a sequence of images displayed as the end-user swipes the screen.
  • Video: Displays a sequence of videos hosted on Youtube URLs.

Define a Background Color by using the Color Picker.


In the Swipe Content,

  1. Select Add Swipe Content. A popup window will appear.

The popup will depend on what type of E-swipe was selected; Image or Video. You can see both scenarios in the screenshots below.


Image Content Steps

  1. Enter the content name

  2. Add an image in the Drag & Drop box
    You also have the option of adding an image with a public URL

  3. Optionally add an URL associated with the content

  4. Select Save

Repeat these steps for each image you need to add to the digital E-swipe campaign.

Video Content Steps

  1. Enter the content name.

  2. Add the video's URL

  3. Optionally add an URL associated with the content

  4. Select Save

Repeat these steps for each video you need to add to the digital E-swipe campaign.

Once the E-swipe Configuration and Swipe Content are completed, you can select Next .


‘Message’ is the third step of the E-swipe Campaign creator.

The messages used to deliver the Campaign to Recipients are created in this step.


For more information about the message's Content and personalized fields configuration, go to the Message Content and Message Personalization section.

Once all the message details have been addressed, move on to Summary by clicking on Next.



If you have selected Subscription Form as delivery channel, you can not configure the delivery message, because the URL of the campaign will be set in the subscription form report that you selected in the Live Forms section.

Remember, once you open the URL of the subscription form you selected from the Live Forms section, it will display a form. Once the form is filled out, the submit button is selected and this E-swipe will be downloaded automatically.



‘Summary’ is the fourth step of the E-swipe campaign creator.

This will review and display the configured Campaign Details, set the desired activation time and campaign expiration.


The Campaign URL Link Expiration section is where you configure options related to the expiration of the campaign.

  1. Set an expiration time scheme through Choose a Date or Set a duration radio buttons.
  2. Insert an image for when the campaign has expired in the Expired Campaign Image.
  3. Define the redirect URL Expired Redirect URL for once the campaign has expired.

For more information about the Summary step settings, go to Summary in the Campaign Elements section.