Delivery and Triggers

The Delivery step is where you define the interaction channel for the chatbot and the keywords that customers use to invoke it.

Delivery Channel

Currently, there are three ways to provide the Chatbot Service, selected through radio buttons,

  • SMS
  • WhatsApp
  • RCS

Given the nature of the service, the "contact number" associated with it, SMS or WhatsApp, needs to be configured to satisfy the service’s uptime requirements.

For more information on selecting the desired delivery channel, go to the Delivery section.

Define Recipients

To invoke the service, SMS has the two options shown below.

For SMS and WhatsApp as delivery channels the Keyword option is available. In either case, the platform will provide a Keyword entry section, such as the one shown in the example of the following image.



Each keyword accepts a maximum of 29 characters.

Up to 30 keywords can be defined to invoke the service.

In case you don't want to enter a keyword, you have the option of using the 'Auto-Reply' feature for all "non-match" keywords. For example, if the subscriber enter any keyword , the chatbot will send the Welcome Message (first message user will receive) configured in the Interactions section. That is, this feature can be defined as a pre-start of the campaign in case the subscriber enters any keyword.

To use this feature, slide the toggle to the right but first you need to consider the following:

  • if another campaign has activated the 'Auto-Reply' function with the same sender number, you won't be able to use this feature. To use it, you need to disable the 'Auto-Reply' from the campaign that is already being used.

    To find out what type of campaign is already using the 'Auto-Reply' function, slide the toggle to the right and a pop-up message will be displayed notifying you the campaign name and its id.

  • If a sender number is already activated the 'Auto-Reply Message' function, you won't able to use the 'Auto-Reply' function. To use it, you need to disable the 'Auto-Reply Message' by editing the sender number from the Sender Number Configuration (Channel Management tab) located in the Preferences section.

    To find out what sender number is already using the 'Auto-Reply Message' function, slide the toggle to the right and a pop-up message will be displayed notifying you the sender number.

Therefore, the setup consists of,

  1. Select the service channel through the radio buttons
  2. Select the number for SMS. For the case of WhatsApp, the WhatsApp account will be the de facto option.
  3. Select the API Endpoint (available for SMS), Keyword(s) accordingly (available for SMS and WhatsApp) or 'Auto-Reply' function.
  4. Enter the Keyword(s) if you wanted to set the Keywords to trigger campaign participation.
  5. Select Next.

The API Endpoint option forgoes the need to define the Keyword(s) in this step but keywords represent the method in all instances to invoke the chatbot.