Invite Users to the Platform

You can invite users to the Digital Customer Engagement platform with roles that are divided into three hierarchical levels.

From the Users tab, click on Invite User to invite users to the platform.


A dialog will appear where you can enter the user's information and specify what permissions you want this user to have. The steps are the following:

  1. Enter the name of the user. (Up to 250 characters)

  2. Enter the user's Email address. (Up to 30 characters)

  3. Enter the user's Phone Number.

  4. Set user's permissions by selecting the Role dropdown:

  • Admin : Admin accounts are allowed to manage the platform, services, subscribers and users, and have access to all pages and functions in the platform.

  • Operator : Operators are unable to modify or add user accounts. This can only be done by ‘admin users’. They have no access to the Settings section.

  • Viewer : This user type has view-only access to the platform. Viewers can't create, edit, share, or perform analysis on messaging or interactive campaigns, subscribers or data, or any modifying function.

  1. Select Invite , to invite the user to the platform. If you want to add another user, select +User.

Once you click Invite, select Close , the dialog will close and an email will be sent to the user notifying him to set up his user account.

While the user accepts the invitation to set up his account, he will be in the Pending Invitations section.

From the Pending Invitations section, you can view the date when sending the invitation to the user in the Date column or you can delete any invitation by selecting the Delete icon located in the Actions column.


Once the user set up his account, he will immediately be placed in the Active Members section.

From the Active Members section, every time the user enters the system, the date of his last connection will be recorded in the Last Active Date column.