Getting Started

Welcome to the Digital Customer Engagement platform! This user guide will be the one-stop-shop for all your questions, whether creating, personalizing, and sending messages and campaigns with data specific to each audience member, integrating your apps with Mobile SDKs and APIs, or simply adding users. Explore the different facets of Messaging and Campaign services that can enhance your customers' experiences.

First, read The Basics to learn key terms, what messages and campaigns you can send, and how you can send them. Then discover the Web Dashboard and looks .

Before starting, the platform offers multiple mechanisms to create and manage your campaigns, statistical reports, conversations and platform configuration, such as delivery channels, sender numbers, templates, among others. They can be accessed through the options (icons) located in the navigation sidebar on the left, as shown below.

The Digital Customer Engagement platform functionalities consist of the following:

  • New Campaign: Create messages and campaigns, and send them through multiple delivery channels. The platform provides tools and features you can take advantage of to deliver your messages configured with your content at the exact time you program it.

    For interactive campaigns, enables you to design, run, and analyze direct marketing campaigns. To conduct a marketing campaign, you start by defining offers for target audiences. Then, set the campaign content, which visually represents the campaign logic. Personalizing campaign content involves associating offers with target audiences.

  • Main Dashboard: Access the messaging services, campaigns, and subscribers that will contain the settings, reports, and other details related to your messages and interactive campaigns.

  • Data & Analytics: Reporting information about your messages, campaigns, and project activity with Real-Time Data Streaming and Performance Analytics.

  • Templates: Create, edit, and manage message templates so they can be used later on in Messaging and Interactive Campaigns.

  • Subscribers: Enables you to add new Subscribers (personalized group of users), add to an existing Subscriber List and bring in marketing customer data, create filters, and then design audiences and target groups based on those filters.

  • LiveChat: Creating and sending messages to each customer, managing agents and teams, setting office hours for your space to improve customer satisfaction and team productivity, creating tags to keep your conversations organized, among other types of functionalities.

  • Platform Preferences: Set platform elements, manage users and their roles, and define its core configurations.

  • Chatbot Service: use a chatbot to automate aspects of your customer experience while realizing significant cost savings and becoming more efficient.

  • Account Configuration: Configure your account settings and security profile.

  • Support Widget: If you need help, you have access throughout the platform to our support team to request the assistance that you require.