Mobile Wallet Passes are items with content or information stored in the Apple Wallet or Google Pay (formerly Android Pay / Google Wallet) native Applications. They are the equivalent of things stored in a physical wallet, such as loyalty cards, coupons, business cards, tickets, credit cards and more. Wallet Passes are very effective and efficient for businesses because they can be easily created, managed and updated, allowing a business to significantly reduce the cost of printing traditional physical cards.Passes can be thought of as another means of engagement and communication that can be sent to your audience.

The Wallet API provides functions to create, read, update, delete passes. Additionally there are functions to get a list of pass-templates and existing passes. Creating and updating wallet templates is currently supported via the API.

Apple and Google took different approaches at architecting their mobile wallet solutions even though what users experience is pretty much the same. For instance, Apple passes are pkpass files that must be bundled and hosted by issuers whereas Google takes care of that but only behind a cumbersome web interface.

The steps to create and download a wallet pass are the following: