Email campaign

Create Email Campaign

After selecting New Campaign, entering the Campaign Name, and selecting Email from the campaign options, you are brought to the Email campaign creation section, which has the following steps.

  1. Detail
  2. Template
  3. Personalize
  4. Recipients
  5. Summary

Completed steps will be identified with a check mark.


In the ‘Detail’ step,

  1. Select the Email to be used to deliver the message from the Sender Email dropdown.
  2. Enter the Email Subject.
  3. Enter the Preheader (Snippet that appears in the inbox after the email subject)
  4. Select Next.


In the ‘Template’ step of the Email campaign creator, the message content used in the Email campaign is created or selected.

For more information about the message's Content configuration (Templates), go to the Message Content section.

Once all the message details have been addressed, move on to Summary by clicking Next.


‘Personalize’ is the third step of the Email campaign creator. In this step, you create the content for the Email campaign.

For more information about the personalized fields configuration, go to the Message Personalization section.

Once all the message details have been addressed, move on to Summary by clicking Next.


To define the Email campaign Recipients,

  1. In Define the Broadcast Recipients, select the Subscribers list dropdown box
  2. Select one of the options offered

For more information on selecting the desired Recipients, go to Define Recipients in the Campaign Elements section.

After selecting the Recipients, select Next.


In ‘Summary,’ the final step of the Email campaign creator is where you can

  • Review Messaging campaign Details
  • Select which links within the email campaign to track
  • Set the delivery timetable
  • Set the message delivery throughput

Messaging Overview

Here you can review campaign details.

For more information about the Summary step settings, go to Summary in the Campaign Elements section.

Edit Email Campaign

To be able to edit the Email campaign, the message must not be sent yet. That is, once the user has completed each step, and the campaign activation has been saved as "Draft" or "Schedule", you will be able to edit each step configuration of the campaign.

The steps to edit an Email campaign are the following:

  • Click on the Reports icon and select the Messaging tab. Then, locate the campaign saved as Pending (Draft) or Schedule status and click on the Report button.
  • From the campaign card click on the Edit button. Once clicked, it will redirect you to the last step of the campaign configuration.

  • From here, you can edit the settings for each step (Detail, Template, Personalize, Recipients, Summary). Just click the Back button until you return to the step you want to edit.

You are able to edit the:

  • Email Messaging Details as sender email, email subject, and preheader.
  • Template (email message), select another template, or create a new one with / without link tracker.
  • Recipients who will receive the Email campaign.
  • Throttle configuration and Trackable Links.
  • Campaign activation.