Callback URL (MO)

Set URL Forward

In this section, we help you to provide indications of how the callback URL service should be built to receive the MO messages of your campaign.

If you want to receive SMS messages from your subscribers we can have them delivered to you in real time. Specify your endpoint and we will send inbound messages to you as soon as they are delivered to us by a mobile network operator. Your endpoint must have a POST access method and receive a JSON body.

You must provide us the following URL structure:

POST https://Your_Domain/Your_Path



Receive SMS API will make a POST request to your URL.

Your domain must return a HTTP 200 OK success status response code to indicate that the request has succeeded.

The URL is the external callback where the events of the forward process will be registered and published. That is, the following example parameters sends to your callback URL will be the events to be recorded in the callback once the end users begin to participate in your SMS Campaign (MO):

Parameter Description
owner Owner or creator of the Forward process.

Date when the API receives the MO message.

The date is represented with date in UTC Zulu format: (yyyy-mm-dd-Thh:mm:ss.ssZ).

processId Unique identifier of the forward process.

Shortcode (from 1 to 6 digits), Longcode (from 7 digits on), an alphanumeric shortcode (ex. COMPANY) or a virtual number used to originate and send the MO message.

If you don't have one assigned yet please contact our support team to request one.


Alphanumeric identifier that can be used for reporting purposes. For instance, you could set the name or ID of the action that originated this SMS message so you can then identify where this API call is coming from.

This is an identifier you can use to identify your messages uniquely. Typical applications are to assign a different identifier per message or per group of messages, like a campaign identifier.


Webhook URL (Callback URL service) to receive the MO messages.

connection Name of the connection used by the end user when sending the MO message. All origin is related to a connection.
id User (end user) identifier generated from the mobile operator.
text Keyword used by the end user who participated in the campaign.
user Mobile number of the end user who participated in the forward process
extraInfo null : There is no additional information configured by the customer.

This parameters will be sent to your URL in JSON format:

  "owner": "[email protected]",
  "date": "2020-10-22T20:29:57.453673Z",
  "processId": "75",
  "origin": "8745",
  "externalId": "8",
  "callback": "",
  "connection": "CONNECTION_COMPANY",
  "id": "djd77dheh45kk77",
  "text": "PLAY",
  "user": "+580000000005"