Campaign Report Card & Statuses

Campaign Report Cards, among other things, reflect the campaign state. They are found in the Performance Reports pane and inside the campaign Report section, and depending on where it is displayed, it will show slightly different information, and they will include a selection of the items in the following list:

  1. Campaign name
  2. Sender
  3. Campaign Type and platform assigned campaign ID
  4. Campaign Status
  5. Creation Date
  6. Delivery Date
  7. Action buttons

Campaign Statuses

There are 6 possible campaign states that the report card will display depending on where the campaign finds itself in:

  • Completed
  • Live
  • Processing
  • Scheduled
  • Pending
  • Draft


This state is only possible for campaigns with close participation (subscribers list, uploading a .csv file, or writing them manually), and it is arrived at after it is published.


This state is only possible with open participation campaigns (Keyword, Subscription Form, or API Endpoint). For Live campaigns, the Campaign Report Card will include a Pause action button.


Selecting it will result in a popup dialog box asking to confirm the action.


Once the campaign is paused, the campaign will be placed in a Pending state. This action can serve specific purposes within a campaign, like changing the parameters of an offer to reflect its dynamics as it evolves in time.


This state reflects that a campaign is still being processed, and access to a report will not be available until the processing is finished and the campaign state changes to Completed or Live.


Indicates that the campaign delivery has been set for a future date. To change the delivery date and time of a Scheduled campaign, select the Edit icon and go under the Summary step go to the Campaign Activation, click on the Scheduled option and select the new date for when the campaign will be activated.


And then select Save Campaign. Confirm the action in the popup window so that the new date takes effect.



If a Live campaign is paused, the state of the campaign changes to Pending. To resume the execution of a paused campaign in the Pending state, select the Play action icon.


It will result in a popup dialog box asking to confirm the action.



Indicates that a campaign has been saved as a Draft. That is, the creation process has been completed and has been saved but it is still not ready to be published. Changes can be made to the campaign’s content by selecting the Edit icon or the campaign can be deleted by selecting the trash can Delete icon.


Selecting the Edit icon will redirect to the campaign creation steps where any changes and adjustments can be made to its content.

Selecting the Delete icon will prompt with a confirmation dialog, where it must be positively confirmed for the deletion of the campaign to take effect.