A live chat platform serves as a tool connecting customers with human support representatives, facilitating users in resolving issues promptly. Through live chat, customers can swiftly receive answers, reducing the time spent waiting for a solution or searching through your website's knowledge base.

Live chat and chatbots share similarities as real-time support communication tools, but their primary distinction lies in their functionality. Live chat establishes a connection between customers and human support representatives (Agents), while a chatbot solely operates as an automated bot.

How does the Live Chat platform work?

Live chat connects website visitors to a company representative through instant messaging within a private browser window. Visitors can initiate a chat session by typing a message or clicking a link/button in the chat window. After doing so, they can engage in a conversation with an agent available for assistance.

Benefits of Live Chat platform

Let's explore the advantages of incorporating live chat into your business.

  1. Reduced Average Handling Time: When using live chat, customers don’t need to wait on hold for the answer to a simple question. They can quickly ask follow-up questions to clarify an agent’s response. There’s no need to file additional follow-up cases to get questions answered.

  2. Chat directly in the product: We make it easy for customers to get help right when - and where - they need it.

  3. Help when the time is right: Chat when it’s convenient for your customers and your team, whether that's now or later.

  4. Never lose a conversation: Your chat history is always saved, so customers can come back to a chat whenever they’d like, on any device.

  5. Improved customer service productivity: Live chat is a great tool for multitasking. You can efficiently solve multiple customer inquiries while the customers respond.