Downloading Wallet Pass

Once the wallet pass is created, we proceed to download the pass and distribute it to end users.

To be called from devices, you need to download the pass for the given template and recipient ids, providing the proper object for each platform based on its User-Agent.

When the pass is downloaded from Apple devices, they will receive the Apple Wallet pkpass file.

When the pass is downloaded from Android devices, they will be redirected to the GooglePay save link (https: // / ...)

HTTP Request : GET /wallet/templates/{serial}/passes/{recipientId}/download

When the browser sends a GET request to the pass will be downloaded immediately with filename 'serial.pkpass'.

Before downloading the wallet pass, you need to provide the unique identifier of the wallet template created and the recipient ID of the pass you want to download.

Required ParameterDescription
serialUnique identifier of the Wallet Template.
recipientIdUnique identifier of the recipient.

The recipient ID must be different for each generated wallet pass.