Verify WABA phone number via OTP authentication

In this section, you will discover how to verify the business phone number you registered when setting up the WABA Account and understand the advantages it can bring to your business.
WhatsApp takes verification and validation of business accounts seriously to safeguard its users from spam and fake accounts.

Verification Process

Following are the steps to verify the phone number through OTP (one-time passwords) Authentication process :

  1. Go to the Channel Management tab located in the Preferences section, from the Enabled channels table locate the desired WhatsApp channel and select the Edit icon.
  1. At the top of the Number profile tab, the “Number” (business phone number of the WABA Account) and “Display Name” (Official Brand Name) fields will be verified.

To verify the WABA account we use the OTP (one-time passwords) Authentication process. An OTP is an additional level of security when working with business accounts. It is an ideal way to add security to traditional passwords or give secure access if they forget the password.



You need to be an authorized representative of your business. You’ll need to be able to receive an OTP verification code sent to the phone number (sender number you registered when setting up the WABA account) of your business via SMS or Voice.

Once the OTP authentication process has been explained, we proceed to click on the Verify button.

After clicking, the following dialog box will be displayed where you need to select the Validation method (SMS or Voice) through which the OTP code will be sent. Select the Next button.

  1. The next step is to enter the verification code that was sent to the phone number through the validation method chosen in the previous step. Select the Validate button.
  1. After selecting, following code verification status will be displayed:
  • Verified status : The phone number has been successfully verified via OTP authentication code.
  • Unknown status: META does not know the status of the phone number registered in the WABA account.

If none of the two status mentioned above are displayed, the Verify button will be enabled, this means that one of the following two possible statuses was generated:

  • Not Verified status: The phone number could not be verified.
  • Expired status: The phone number was previously verified but the 14 day verification period has ended. If the phone number is not registered, it will need to be verified again.



In this step, the phone number is being verified. Therefore, the green tick badge will not be displayed immediately. We recommend contacting the support team to request this checkmark.

The next step is to configure the WhatsApp Business Profile of your brand.

WhatsApp Business Profile

A WhatsApp Business profile is a WhatsApp for business feature that enables you to create a front-facing, formal brand presence on the messaging platform. Similar to a Facebook page, a WhatsApp Business profile lets you include crucial information about your brand.

After verifying the phone number, we proceed to configure your WhatsApp Business Profile by entering following information:

  1. Profile Photo: Logo of your business. It is important to add one that is professional, clear and relevant to your business.

    Size recommended 640 x 640, <5MB.

    Formats accepted .jpg , .png

  1. Category: Select the industry your business is in. We provide you with a list of industry options to choose from – we recommend choosing one that is relevant to what your brand sells.
  1. Description: The business description summarizes what your business is about. This section of your profile should be clear and crisp, and include just the right amount of information about your brand. A business description is intended to let your customers know who you are, what you sell/do, and what they can expect from you in no more than a few sentences.

    The current max length to enter the business description is 512 characters.

  1. About: Short description of your business.

    The current max length to enter the short business description is 139 characters.

  1. Contact Information: Include your contact details. Apart from your business account phone number, this section includes fields for your business address, business website and email address.

    We recommend adding these details as well in case a consumer chooses to interact with your website directly or over email instead.

    The current max length to enter each contact information are the following:

  • Address: 256 characters
  • Email: 128 characters
  • Website: 256 characters
  1. Click on the Save button, to save the information entering previously.

Here’s what a WhatsApp Business profile looks like: