Platform Overview

The Digital Customer Engagement platform gives you the power to communicate and interact with your customers across its communication channels, from SMS to Emails to Mobile Apps, and more. Once you’re up and running on our platform, you can manage subscribers and divide them into segments, create messaging templates, schedule campaigns, and analyze results with intuitive reports.

The platform consists of these three major components:

  • User Interface: Management of subscribers, design of messages and templates, the configuration of campaigns, and report visualization of data through our web interface.

  • SDKs: Integration of mobile apps through SDKs. Our SDKs expose the platform to your app so you can send messages to your users.

  • APIs: The use of APIs allows to integrate additional messaging channels. Our APIs help you enhance your mobile App and other software applications by adding a messaging and engagement element with the users. You can integrate external customer databases and trigger messages with events from your software applications through the Digital Engagement APIs.

Taking advantage of all three will yield the highest performance out of the platform.

This User Guide deals exclusively with the Web User Interface of the Digital Customer Engagement platform : DCE. In the Developer Guide, we go in-depth on the details of the APIs and SDK implementations.