Search Bar and Filter

Searching and filtering the entire Inbox is simple and intuitive. Just type your query and get the results you need. By mastering some simple search tips, you can elevate your Inbox search skills and uncover the information you need even faster.

Applying Filter in Searches

For more precise search results, use filters to narrow down your search criteria. For instance, you can filter by agents assigned to specific conversations during a defined date range or by conversations tagged. That is, you can even use just filters without needing to enter any keywords.

To improve your search by adding filters, click on the Search icon located at the top of the Inbox section, then select one of the filters options.

For example, let's check the most frequent issues that have arisen on the new platform over the past month.

For that, you need to apply the following filters:

  • Tag: Bug
  • Date Range: 12/8/2023 - 12/10/2023

Continuing with the example, select the Tag filter, then type or select the name of the tag you want to filter by.

This search will display all conversations that include the tag name (Bug) and are associated with the selected tag.

Now, let's include an additional filter: Date. Select the Date option, then type the date range (start date - end date), or you can also use the calendar to select the start and end date.

Your search results will be displayed with the most recent conversations appearing at the top first. To view the oldest, waiting longest, next SLA target, or priority first at the top first, use the dropdown located on the right of the filter options.