Summary is the final step when creating campaigns before their definition is completed. Not all campaigns offer the same information in their summary section, but the purpose of the summary step is the same in all of them:

  1. To present the campaign's relevant attributes so that you can verify them before proceeding, and give you the opportunity to make adjustments before the campaign configuration is finished.

  2. To establish its outcome: publish it, schedule it, or save it as a draft.

What follows is a comprehensive list of the items that could appear in the Summary step of a campaign:

  • Messaging Overview

  • Select/unselect link tracking settings

  • Set the campaign's expiration

  • Set the delivery timetable

  • Set the throttle configuration

Messaging Overview

In Messaging Overview you will get a quick way to double-check the:

  • Sender: Number (SMS), Sender Email (Email), App Name (Push notification), Agent (RCS), Company Account(WhatsApp). And the type of components used in the interactive campaign configuration (Blocks Used).

  • Number of Recipients who will receive the message, notification, or interactive campaign.

  • The filters that were applied, if any.

Select/unselect link tracking settings

If you have set a link in your SMS, Email, or RCS message, you can choose whether to track it or not by selecting Track/Untrack under the Actions column in the Trackable Links section. All links that can be subjected to tracking will be listed in this section in a tabular format.

Consult the Link Tracking Report section for the Heatmap with the information of the subscribers who clicked on the link.

Set campaign's expiration

Under Campaign Expiration you have two options to choose from for when the campaign is to expire: through a date, or by establishing the campaign's duration in hours. Also, you can include a notification image to be shown to those attempting to engage with the campaign after it has concluded. That is, set the desired time for when the Campaign is to expire.

The steps to set a campaign expiration are the following:

  1. Select the desired date to expire the Campaign by selecting the Choose a Date checkmark. Once selected, set the date and time for the Campaign to be expired using the Date and Time Picker by selecting the Choose a Date picker.

Or, if you desire to set a duration time to expire the Campaign in hours, select the Set a duration checkmark.

  1. If you want to set an expiration image when the Campaign expires, select the following checkmark and drag & drop the Expired Campaign Image to the specified area on the screen or click the Browse Files button to select the image from the computer:

  1. Set the Background color of the expired screen.

  1. You can personalize the expired message by selecting the Bold and Cursive format or change the Message Text Color by clicking on the Color Picker.

  1. To redirect the player to another link if the reveal content game has expired, enter the redirect delay time in seconds and the redirect URL.



The Campaign Expirations is available for the following interactive campaigns:

  • Raffle Giveaway

  • Web Polls & Surveys

  • Polls & Surveys

  • Web Trivia

  • Trivia

Set the delivery timetable

The delivery timetable is controlled in the Campaign Activation section, where you can set when the delivery, from the three options in the dropdown menu, will take place:

The resulting outcome of the activation options are:

  • "Now" the campaign begins delivery immediately.

  • "Schedule" the delivery timetable is set through a date/time picker, and the campaign will be saved with a state of Scheduled.

  • "Save as Draft" there is no delivery timetable defined, and the campaign cast will be saved as Pending.

Each option will result in a corresponding action button with an equally corresponding confirmation request dialog to leave no doubt as to the action that is being taken. This is shown graphically below.



The Activation Options (Now, Schedule, Save as Draft) are available for: SMS, Email, Push notification, RCS, and WhatsApp.

For Interactive Campaigns, If the targeted subscribers are from the Subscriber list, an uploaded CSV file, or added manually, a campaign will be generated for the recipients. For this reason, the following options are presented to set the desired time for when the Campaign is to be launched:

  • Now: The Campaign will be activated and launched right away.

  • Schedule: Set the date and time for the Campaign to be delivered by using the Date and Time Picker.

  • "Save as Draft" there is no delivery timetable defined, and the campaign cast will be saved as Pending.

If you have selected API Endpoint (SMS/Email) or Subscription Form, as delivery channel or Geofence, set the desired time for when the Campaign is to be launched and activated by selecting one of the following options presented in the Select an option dropdown:

  • Live: Campaign will be activated and launched right away.

  • Save as Draft: Campaign configuration is not complete, and is set as Draft to be completed at a later date.