Push Template

To access the Push notification Template Creator, select the Templates icon from the Navigation sidebar on left side of the UI.

In the Templates screen, select Push from the Delivery Channel options.

To create a new Push Template, click on the New Template card to start the Template Creation process.


Another popup window appears with two options, as shown in the next screenshot. Create Blank Template gives the option to define a totally new template, or you can select a template to clone from the list in the table, if there were to be any templates that had been previously created.

The steps to create a new Push Template are the following:

  1. Enter the Name for the template.

  2. Enter the Description for the template.

  3. Enter the Title for the Push notification.

  4. Enter the Push content in the Push Message text field.

  5. Optionally, Add Personalized Fields into the message content. The options displayed are the existing Subscriber List Fields. These placeholders are then replaced with each of the Recipient’s information.

  6. Optionally, include the template into a category, through the Categories dropdown menu.

  7. Click Save and a confirmation message will display that the Template has been created.

All fields must be completed before the template can be saved. A warning message is displayed mentioning which field is missing at the bottom of the screen.