The process of how a user authenticates in Authentication & Connect API is associated with an API Key that is encrypted and contains information intrinsic to the user, that is, a user who has an API Key is considered like a valid user or request.

There are two different types of API key the user can authenticate to the system:

  • Standard API Key : To obtain a Standard API Key, make first contact with our Support Team. The Support team will provide you user credentials (username and password). With these credentials you need to call the Login method to get the Standard API Key. That is, the standard api key is a token that is generated by calling the login method once you enter the credentials provided by the support team. This token is only valid for a finite period of time : 24 hours.

  • Custom API Key : To obtain a Custom API Key, first create a token via API Keys by providing the Standard Api Key. This token generated through the API Keys is customizable. That is, the Custom API Key is a token that can be set with an indefinite period of time depending on the expiration date you define in the token.

Even those API Key are validated in any of the APIs, for this reason, Authentication & Connect is the main API of the platform, because once the support team provides you a valid Standard Api Key, you can use it to login and access the other APIs, but the Standard API Key has a expiration date (1 Day) so you can create a new API Key (custom) with a new configured expiration date.



The Standard API Key will be provided by our support engineers when the integration process begins.