Reach your app users and boost your app engagement using personalized, rich mobile push notifications.

The Push API makes implementing push notifications almost too easy because it eliminates all the hassle with native device information and communicating with APNs (Apple Push Notification service) solving it internal, so you can treat iOS and Android notifications the same to help boost user interaction and create a better overall user experience.

Push Notifications are "Rich Text" Format messages that get "pushed" from the servers to your subscribers. Devices subscribe or "opt-in" to receive push notifications usually through Prompting like Android or iOS Mobile Apps.

The Push API is responsible for sending messages to users' mobile devices through real-time push notifications.

  • Proactively alert employees and customers through the channels they prefer.
  • Reach users reliably with redundancy.
  • Send notifications or rich messages to supported channels, or validate JSON payloads.
  • Customizable alerts.

Deliver triggered, proactive alerts and notifications to keep your customers informed of critical updates!