Send Push notifications

The Push API supports delivering personalized Push Notifications for each Subscriber, where the Notification is processed prior to shipment, directed to the final device and the message arrives personalized to the user.

The Send Push notifications method can send from 1 to 500 messages per request.

This endpoint allows you to send 3 types of Push notifications:

  • Notifications: They are simple notifications that only include a Message Title and Messagext.

  • Custom Notifications: Make each push notification a personal message. Use personal details to take your messaging from coldly impersonal to warmly familiar in an instant. Instead of sending a fixed title and body as in simple notifications, custom notifications can be personalized for each mobile device. You are able to add personalized fields into the message content of the Push notification.

  • Silent Notifications: Silent Push Notifications are delivered to users' devices with no alert, sound, or icon badge. When a silent push arrives, the app is woken up in the background. Users don't recognize any alerts and don't see any push content.

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