Create Broadcast

This endpoint allows you to create a new Broadcast depending on the type of communication channel you want to send (SMS, Email, Push notification).

Certain factors must be considered when you want to send Broadcasts:

The Broadcast scheduler configures the Broadcast sending depending on the communication channel and the delivery date.

The deliveryMethod parameter allows us to differentiate the type of communication channel between SMS, Email or Push notification. That's why only this endpoint is used for the creation of Broadcasts because the deliveryMethod help us to send each type of communication channel, but there are several variations in the request body depending on the delivery type.

You can configure the broadcast delivery date through three different status:

Broadcast StatusParameterValueDescription
NowscheduleWithoutDatefalseBroadcast is sent at the moment.
ScheduledbroadcastDateUTC Zulu format dateBroadcast is scheduled to be sent later.
PendingscheduleWithoutDatetrueIndicates that Broadcast does not have a set delivery Date
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