Learn how to use the Digital Engagement APIs by following the steps in our tutorials.

  • Updating Lists: Manage your message and campaign audience

  • Managing Segments: Manage your list segments

  • Managing Templates: Manage your messaging templates

  • Sending a Broadcast: Learn how to send bulk messages to various channels and customize your messages.

  • Sending and Receiving SMS: Learn how to send transactional SMS messages and manage forward processes to evaluate MO messages and decide.

  • Sending an Email: Learn how to send transactional emails.

  • Managing Mobile Wallet: Learn how to create wallet templates and passes for your customers.

  • Managing Multiple Choice: Manage multiple choice questions to create a Trivia game for your players.

  • Managing 2FA: Learn how to provide a higher level of security than authentication methods that depend on single-factor authentication, in which the user provides only one factor as a password or passcode.