Delivery Performance tab

For Polls & Surveys campaigns

The Delivery Performance tab is only present in the report section for the Polls & Surveys type interactive campaigns (Web and Messaging), that are sent using either SMS, Email, RCS, or WhatsApp, and it shows two sets of data:

  • KPIs
  • Message by Status

Once the campaign invitation messages have been sent, the delivery performance will be logged and displayed via the bar chart. and KPIs updating it periodically.



In the KPIs, it shows four values,

  1. Total Sent, the number of messages that were sent to invite to participate in the Poll & Survey campaign.
  2. Delivery Rate, the percentage of campaign messages received of the total number of messages sent.
  3. Transit Rate, the percentage of messages that have not reached an outcome as to their delivery status of the total number of messages sent, (messages in Transit can be due to multiple reasons, out coverage, still in a delivery queue, etc.)
  4. Failed Rate, the percentage of messages reported as failed by the delivery carrier of the total number of campaign messages sent.

Message by Status

This graphical representation of the actual numbers for the different campaign message states is shown to give you a quick view of the campaign's delivery performance, adding the Unsent number to the displayed metrics.