Creating Interactive Campaigns

Similar to Messaging Campaigns, the creation of Interactive Campaigns follows the same approach. They are accessed through the New Campaign option on the top of the Navigation sidebar on the left, as shown below.

To initiate a new Interactive Campaign,

  1. Select New Campaign

  2. In the popup window that follows, enter the campaign's name in the textbox provided

Under the Campaign Name textbox, find the Interactive Campaigns section that displays a list of all the campaigns types that are available to date:

  1. Click on the campaign type from the listed options above

You will be taken directly to the campaign creator of the campaign you selected. Once there, you will see the steps that will be required to configure that campaign.



The three steps that were just described, are common to the creation of all campaign types, without exception. They are represented graphically in the following figure.

Click on any of the listed campaigns above to direct you to that particular section in the User Guide, to see the details of how to set up that campaign.