Link Tracker

We provide you with a link tracker to follow the number of clicks obtained by specific links on your website, or your emails. It is a helpful way to gain analytics for your marketing campaigns, to gauge how effective your strategy is, and whether you need to update or improve your content to gain more traffic to your links. You can use the link tracking capabilities in campaigns that you are sending, links on your website, basically, anywhere you are inserting hyperlinks that people can click on.

The Link Tracker is available when creating and sending an SMS or Email message to your recipients.

For SMS and RCS, Add a Link Tracker allows adding a URL that recipients can click for further actions. This option will add shortened URLs to the message. Once the name of the link and the URL has been entered into the dialog box that pops up, select the Save button. The shortened URL will be placed at the next available position of the existing content in the SMS Message box.


For Email, create the Email content with trackable links using the Basic Blocks by selecting the Link Block.