Set Throttle Configuration

The message delivery throughput is set with the Throttle Configuration with a default value of 'Full Capacity,' which translates to 250 messages per second for SMS and RCS delivery.

To reduce the sending rate, uncheck the Deliver Broadcast at Full Capacity box and set the value either through the thumb in the selection sliding bar at the bottom or enter it in the box on the far right.

For Email, the default value of 'Full Capacity,' which translates to 160 messages per second.

For Email, the default value of 'Full Capacity,' which translates to 160 messages per second.

For WhatsApp, under the Advanced settings you can set through the slider, the rate at which messages will be sent with up to 15 messages per second, which is the default setting.


Fallback Configuration

The Fallback Configuration allows defining an alternate method of delivery for the campaign in the case of an eventuality. It consists of defining a Sender Number with the message being adapted automatically, or you can choose to edit it to suit your needs. It is enabled by switching the toggle button, exposing the settings that would go into effect if the Fallback is needed through the dropdown. (See below).

Once you toggle Fallback Configuration to the enabled state, select the sender number from where the SMS message will be sent.

Above the Sender Number dropdown menu, it displays the number of Possible Fallback Recipients that most likely will receive the sms message instead of the push message. In this example the number would be 789 recipients.

If you want to edit the SMS Fallback message select Edit Message. It will redirect you to the SMS Template to create your own SMS message. Select Label, once you have finished editing the message.

Otherwise, select the next checkmark to automatically adapt the SMS Fallback message.

Finally, select Send Broadcast.

When you deliver the Push campaign you can view the data and analytics (Report) of each Push notification sent by going to the Messaging Reports section.



The fallback message is available for: Push notification.