Mentions & Create Internal Notes

The internal notes and @mentions allow you to direct relevant team members (agents) to the conversation who can help you to respond or because you seek their input before replying.

In this example, the customer has replied to the message, providing us with the order's ID number. Therefore, we will notify (@mention) the agent named ''Elizabeth William'' to know what happened with customer order since she possesses greater expertise regarding the orders scheduled for the upcoming week through an internal note from the message composer.

To create an internal note and mention an agent about a conversation, follow these simple steps:

  1. From Your Inbox section, select the conversation we have sent previously and click to switch from the Reply mode to Note mode.

  2. To notify an agent, type @ and search their name from the list. The agent will be notified in their Mentions inbox.

  3. Click on the Send button, and the agent will receive a notification in their Mentions inbox.



    Every note and @mention you type, will be visually distinguished by a yellow color.