The Authentication & User Management API enables you to manage all aspects of user identity. It offers endpoints so your users can log in, sign in, manage tokens, assign roles, access APIs, among other functions.

The API is responsible for authenticating and registering users into the system.

The process of how a user authenticates in the API is associated with a token that is encrypted and contains intrinsic user information. A user who owns a token is considered a valid user even the tokens are validated in any of our APIs.

The API presents four functions to manage the users:

Keys : Its main function is to create validation tokens and manage the keys that a user owns. These keys have a defined or undefined validation time.

Users : The main function is Users, where operations such as registering a new user are mainly performed. This API allows you to edit, delete and add users. It also performs other types of functions, such as: forgot my password.

Roles : It is responsible for managing roles and permissions into the platform.It is a generic mechanism to create a role and assign a certain amount of permissions to the users.

Myself : Provides information about yourself or the user who is being called.